Two Tips for Fixing a Mac That’s Restarting Unexpectedly

Though extraordinarily unusual, it’s not unparalleled for a Mac, notably an older mannequin, to restart unexpectedly. If it occurs as soon as, chalk it as much as cosmic rays and transfer on. But when it occurs a number of occasions, strive these two issues proper off. First, use compressed air to take away mud from cooling vents or the within of the Mac, should you can open it up. Mud could cause warmth buildup, which might in flip trigger restarts. Second, strive plugging the Mac into a unique electrical circuit or, ideally, into an uninterruptible energy provide (UPS). Soiled energy can provoke all kinds of undesirable habits—together with surprising restarts—and shorten the lifespan of the Mac’s digital parts. Keep in mind, clear air and clear energy make for a cheerful Mac.

(Featured picture by Adam Engst)

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